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I am You, sweaters


Image of I am You, sweaters

A sweater designed for a performative spatial intervention at the Odessa Fine Arts Museum.
(Unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak)

Nevertheless, the sweaters still transcending a central message of my theory of Substanzraum - the space of substance.

It is the message of constant movement and exchange of substances throughout the entire globe, even between environment and bodies, like yours and mine.
I am You.

Edition of 10
Sizes M and L
Only 3 left, write me a message and I am sending you images of the available sweaters.

If you are interested in my theory and work around the theme of Substanzraum, please visit my official website, and/or take a look at my essay “Substanzraum, A new philosophical approach to global space” available here in this shop.

Thank you for your attention,
Alexander J. Heil

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